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I’m Gillian Fagan, a qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Couples Therapist, Personal Development Coach and Mental Health Consultant based in Dublin.

I named my practice Acora after my grandmother Cora. Cora volunteered a lot in the community, always helping others and never too busy to just be there and listen. She was a natural therapist. As a child I would help her with her charity work and got more involved in helping people with disabilities and mental health issues since the mid-90s.

Before training as a psychotherapist I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years. During this time I worked with people who were going through some of the most desperate moments in their lives. I have many years' experience working with people through difficult, stressful times and personal experience of a complete life change. Working in financial services along with volunteering with vulnerable groups, working with the LGB & Trans community, and my personal journey brought my intrigue and passion to the field of psychotherapy.

I understand the stress that life and labels defined by society can put people under and the importance of non-judgmental support. It might feel strange, at first, opening up to a stranger but sometimes it simply helps to talk and get the support you might need in a safe environment. Your wellbeing is important and at times we just need help overcoming life's challenges.

I am an integrative humanistic psychotherapist which means I do not have a one size fits all" style. I have been trained in many different schools of counselling, psychotherapy, personal development and  coaching.

My focus is on promoting a healthy life by helping people work on stress management, mental fitness, self-acceptance, emotional health and become more aware of the unconscious patterns of behaviour. I provide a warm, safe and supportive environment where you can explore what is troubling you in total confidence.

I offer individual and couples therapy to over 18s. The main issues I work with include relationship and family problems, change management, loss & grief, self-esteem and confidence, career problems and stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, alternative lifestyles, LGBT, gender identity, sexual issues, women's issues, terminal illness, retirement and aging.

By talking with a trained professional you will begin to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and why, and find ways to deal with the demanding pressures of everyday life. For many years I have practiced creative writing, meditation and mindfulness and sometimes incorporate these in my work with clients.

I am continuously engaged in further training and development in order to provide the best therapy and wellbeing practice to all of my clients.


Hello, I’m Doctor Julley

Expert Clinical chiropractor in NY

Chiropractic mind is the act of utilizing spinal arrangement to ease a wide assortment of physical infirmities, including muscle strain, neck torment, endless back torment, and then some. This is expert by altering the position of the spinal segment to its appropriate shape, giving a non-intrusive

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