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I’m Gillian Fagan, a psychotherapist, counsellor, couples therapist, CBT therapist, workshop facilitator and personal development coach based in Dublin. I am an integrative humanistic psychotherapist which means I do not have a “one size fits all" style. I have been trained in many different schools of counselling, psychotherapy, personal development and coaching.

I understand the stress that life and labels defined by society can put people under and the importance of non-judgmental support. It might feel strange, at first, opening up to a stranger but sometimes it simply helps to talk and get the support you might need in a safe environment. Your wellbeing is important and at times we just need help overcoming life’s challenges. I am passionate about helping you find your authentic self and what coping skills work best for you.

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How Acora Therapy Can Help You

A therapist can give you a new way at looking at your problems, giving you more awareness of the situation. You may find ways to deal with the demanding pressures of everyday life and feel more confident, improve relationships and solve difficult situations. My focus is on promoting a healthy life by helping people work on stress management, mental well being, self-acceptance, self-awareness and emotional health. Overall therapy can help people live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

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